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17 Oct 2014 

By Susan Dunn, MA, the EQ Coach


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EQ - is a measure of your emotional intelligence, or your ability to use both your emotions and cognitive skills in your life. Emotional intelligence competencies include but are not limited to empathy, intuition, creativity, flexibility, resilience, coping, stress management, leadership, integrity, authenticity, intrapersonal skills and interpersonal skills.

IQ - a number used to express the apparent relative intelligence of a person that is the ratio multiplied by 100 of the mental age as reported on a standardized test to the chronological age. IQ is the measure of cognitive abilities, such as the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new situations; the skilled use of reason; the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one's environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria (as tests); mental acuteness; logic Business Electricity Comparison and analytical skills.


EQ gets you through life vs. IQ gets you through school

Appealing to reason and emotions to convince someone vs. Trying to convince someone by facts alone

Using your emotions as well as your cognitive abilities to function more effectively vs. Relying solely on your cognitive skills


Samuel had a high IQ. He could reason, was analytical and logical, and had a steel-trap focus on tasks. He learned new things quickly. However, he ignored how he was feeling and how others were feeling. If things didn't do the way he expected them to, he would lose his temper and lash out at others. He was unable to relate to people who weren't as smart as he was and lacked empathy. This limited his ability to be effective in team situations even though his IQ was very high.

Jose had a high EQ. He got along well with people, and managed his own emotions well. This made him highly effective in his work, even though there were others in the firm with higher IQs. Jose was able to consider the emotional component of interactions, using both his cognitive abilities and his understanding of emotions. He was able to influence and motivate people because he understood what mattered to them and was an excellent communicator. His authenticity and integrity made him a natural leader. He was flexible and creative when faced with a challenge, and resilient in the face of temporary defeats. He was well-liked and well-respected.


Your EQ has more to do with your success and happiness in life than your IQ and it can be learned.


Knowing how and why vs. Knowing what

Knowing how to motivate each person vs. Treating everying as if they operated the same way which they don't

Managing emotions and using them for good results vs. Being at the mercy of emotions because you don't understand them or know how to work with them.


When you recognize the difference between EQ and IQ, you can work to develop your EQ. It can be learned but has often been neglected in our education both at home and at school.

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©Susan Dunn, MA, The EQ Coach, Coaching, distance learning, and ebooks around emotional intelligence for your continued personal and professional development. I train and certify EQ coaches. Get in this field, dubbed "white hot" by the press, now, before it's crowded, and offer your clients something of exceptional value. Start tomorrow, no residence requirement. for free ezine. Your EQ matters more to your success, health and happiness than your IQ, and it can be learned. DON'T WAIT. Get started today! 210-496-0678.

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18 Jun 2014 

If you think that your monthly electric bill becomes burdensome, it is time to cut it. We have some tips to reduce electric bill as well as you save the earth with energy efficiency.

You can start with plan, telling the whole family that you are programming energy efficiency to reduce the electric bill. It will be useless if you yourself save the electricity, but the rest of your family keep using the electronic devices as usual. Ask them that by lowering the use of the energy, especially electricity, they will get two benefits. We can reduce the bill as well as saving the earth.

Then you can start practicing your program with simple things, like switching off lights and electronic devices when they are not in use. Make sure that you unplug those devices from any electricity socket. It is because some of those electronic appliances, like cell phone and laptop battery charger, computers, stereos, televisions, etc. keep consuming electricity even when they are turned off.

Speaking on light, you can change light bulbs to fluorescent light bulbs for energy efficiency. Also, let the sunlight come into your rooms during the day instead of using electric ones for lighting.

Pay attention on electronic devices with great energy consumption, like water heater and air conditioner. For water heater, you can lower the temperature from 140 degrees Fahrenheit (normal temperature setting) to 120 degrees. If you look for a new water heater, try to get tank less one which heats the water only when it is needed. Dealing with hot water, we suggest that you take shorter shower with hot water.

Talking about household, we strongly advise that your air conditioner or heater be in good conditions. Any leakage or damage can give bad impact to electric bill and safety in your home. Dishwasher is also a device with high energy consumption. Thus we suggest that you not use the dry cycle. Let the dishes dry naturally by the air. Use washing machine only for lots of laundry.

Then you also had better use your stove more often and reduce the use of oven, if it is possible. Oven consumes more energy to heat. Last but not least, we recommend that you purchase electronic devices with "Energy Star". Those devices have been approved as products with energy efficiency. Thus, finally we hope this article useful for you to reduce your monthly electric bill.

By: Alvina J. Prescott

Article Directory:

Alvina Prescott would love to share info on any other households, including lighting. She has other articles on dimmable fluorescent bulbs and dimmable compact fluorescent light bulbs that may help you find the best light bulbs for your home.

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07 Feb 2014 
If you have been browsing for the cheapest company energy costs then you realize precisely how challenging getting any enterprise power comparison can be. Looking At the industry for cheapest company power involves plenty of phone calls rather than becoming able to discover rates in a straightforward format. Properly Merely Enterprise energy is different ? in a matter regarding moments you could be comparing energy costs for the company with the results displayed in your screen without having the need to pick the particular phone up.

Managing energy expenses isn't substantial up around the list of many tiny businesses; Ofgem research throughout 2012 suggested that:-

37% regarding consumers had been unsure involving their own enterprise power costs,

only 50% carefully examine via the particular detail to be positive the amount billed is actually calculated correctly, and

over 25% of businesses had in absolutely no way considered switching their energy supplier

With our easy to use online business power price comparison service we create comparing enterprise power costs coming from UK energy suppliers as simple as possible. We compare every 1 involving the cheapest business energy click the up coming document rates on a similar to for like basis. We remove all involving the complications and always be sure enterprise power prices are relatively and also correctly compared. We team the cheapest business power rates according to contract duration choices along with rank the final results through month-to-month contract costs.

Our website is designed to demonstrate a person the cheapest business power prices available without capturing your get in touch with details as well as forcing you in order to definitely make get inside touch with with a call centre. Just click about the quote buttons to start the three step process for you to cheaper enterprise energy prices. simply tell us:-

where your organization is located,

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Then relax as well as compare the least expensive business energy costs available. simply Company Power will show you through the entire method and also assist a person throughout researching the the majority of affordable company energy prices. A Person don?t must provide make contact with details until you need in order to so that will you will not always be bombarded by telephone calls. the control actually is actually using you and also also we offer you the option associated with accepting your preferred enterprise energy rates by email, telephone or publish when the time is right.

At an occasion if the cost of company power is actually escalating being able to compare enterprise energy rates precisely is more essential as compared to ever. An Individual have got nothing to lose along with every thing in order to gain through utilizing our comparison involving cheapest business energy.

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04 Jan 2014 

With the current boost within e-commerce, maximizing sales through internet marketing can be turning out for you to be an increasingly appealing choice for small-scale business owners. Through advertising their goods online the business can acquire usage of an extraordinary range of possible customers who, wouldn't have identified regarding them. Thus online advertising offers an added competitive edge to advertising strategy. Along With the influx of recent technology, business cards tend to be passé nowadays. On-line marketing as a result may be the the majority of economic along with efficient mode pertaining to self-promotion. In supplement to the web site may afford absolutely totally free themes with the facility associated with getting in touch with the organization about their particular time. This specific can easily boost up revenue drastically.

Internet advertising is the many crucial strategy for the small-scale companies also. That is a expense effective mode involving operations to succeed in out to the prospective customers easily. It puts the tiny companies around the exact same level with most the big industries thus attracting any bigger market. Throughout this present era associated with e-commerce, nearly 93% regarding web searchers depend upon search engines to always be able to get Look the information about the service or even product that they tend to be searching for. Thus listing the merchandise as well as solutions about the search engines just like google with just about all the relevant key phrases can easily ensure more traffic as well as higher sales volumes with regard to their own business. Besides this online advertising ensure a lot more favorable returns compared to conventional types involving marketing such as radio and TV commercials, snail mail etc. And Also this medium is much cheaper in comparison to other people media. When a new business opens a new business in the specific area, it's capable of draw customers initially. Then steadily the magic wears off. However if the manufacturer of the organization is promoted through the world Wide Web, it ensures a a lot more sustained as well as higher conversion rate.

Small organizations tend to be unable to sustain large losses. they call for profitable returns in each cent regarding their own Interested?? investment. Your mantra of achievement is to attract much more customers, in order to extract additional money from each and also every customer, also to keep the present customers for a longer period. Just About All this could become successfully achieved through Internet marketing. Thus it truly is of the utmost importance for small companies to start promoting their particular company online. This enables them to meet their own business goals and to gain in profit.

Online advertising generates a lot more traffic, which usually consequently results in a lot more revenue and a lot more sales can be ultimately causing a lot more profit. Many users are generally not aware of your address of the certain website in which gives them the mandatory information. Consequently they depend heavily upon research engines. The idea will be as a result crucial for the company's website being listed inside the topmost positions within search engine results. First of each small business custom web web site design ecommerce answer web development & SEO. the sites which are custom web design through the business itself or even by means of a good friend or even relative who've completed the program throughout web designing tend to be nonetheless struggling to supply a strong foothold for the company in the search results rankinsgs. They Will lack the expertise which is needed in order to endow the business with that mush involving extra competitive edge. For That Reason the particular procedure involving designing and launching websites must be carefully considered.

Nowadays you can easily find various get-rich-quick schemes available within the market. Nearly All of which are usually ineffective in providing any fruitful solution. However, small-scale entrepreneurs may take coronary heart from the proven fact that World wide web marketing and advertising can become a tried and also tested formula associated with success along with fortune. Correct network marketing can easily make certain that any company's manufacturer is well known on the worldwide platform.

The tiny companies ought to recognize the significance of getting their particular title publicized within the minds regarding people. These kinds of on the particular internet ads help individuals to understand the specific organization exists. more frequently than not necessarily the tiny companies are generally baffled by the issue associated with how to improve their own revenue and enterprise relationships. This specific difficulty are just able to end up being combated by simply effective web advertising strategies.

Search engine optimization or perhaps SEO is essential in order to guaranteeing maximum visibility with the company's website. This specific could be performed through endowing the website with most the right look and also feel. Besides your content too, requirements to attract the attention of the newest visitors. Thus, web marketing imbues the organization using a distinctive identity. The idea helps in optimizing its sales and also creating its manufacturer logo recognized far and also wide. E-commerce and World wide web marketing opens up new vistas of development for your tiny companies who're striving for you to establish themselves on a global platform. effective network marketing can thus catapult any company for the higher rungs associated with success as well as fame.

Abir Roychowdhury is really a skilled World wide web marketer. for Company web site design 2.0 Custom Secure Ecommerce SEO Solutions company as well as pertaining to ecommerce internet site style ecommerce solutions & SEO consultant visit

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26 Dec 2013 
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